Confused About Intercourse? 10 Most Frequent Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

A lot is said about sex, but how much of it should we all pay attention to?


Intercourse could also be more and more current in movie, tv, promoting and our consciousness on the whole, however that does not essentially make it any simpler to know.

With Sexual Well being Week arising on September 14, the main target is on sexual wellbeing and pleasure and a part of the dialog round that’s to deal with how for a lot of, intercourse and sexual pleasure “stays a supply of embarrassment or disgrace.”

Embarrassment and disgrace may cause reluctance in looking for solutions about intercourse, which in flip could result in being misinformed and having issues additional down the road.

To assist clear up a few of the myths round intercourse forward of Sexual Well being week, listed here are 14 of the commonest misconceptions (in keeping with the NHS) debunked.

Q1: Are you able to get pregnant the primary time you’ve intercourse?


The NHS say: “In case you’re feminine and have intercourse, you may get pregnant as quickly as you begin ovulating (releasing eggs).”

You can even get pregnant simply from one time solely.

Q2: Does the ‘withdrawal methodology’ work?


The parable of the ‘withdrawal methodology’ is lady can not get pregnant if a boy withdraws his penis earlier than ejaculating.

However the NHS warn, “earlier than a boy ejaculates, there’s sperm within the pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-come), which leaks out when he will get excited. It solely takes one sperm to get a woman pregnant.”

Pre-come additionally carries the chance of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and no person can cease themselves leaking sperm earlier than they ejeculate.

The parable of the withdrawl methodology is a harmful one

Q3: Are you able to get pregnant whenever you’re in your interval?

A: Sure

It doesn’t matter what time of the month you had intercourse in, in the event you did not use contraception, you may nonetheless get pregant.

It is necessary to keep in mind that sperm can stay as much as a number of days after intercourse, which suggests it may well grasp round lengthy sufficient to get you pregnant.

This autumn: Are you able to solely get pregnant having intercourse mendacity down?

A: No

The NHS has debunked the parable lady cannot get pregnant standing up or in some other place than ‘missionary’.

And you may also get pregnant anyplace: the bathtub, the bathe, in a swimming pool. Wherever.

You do not have to be horizontal, and in mattress, to get pregnant

Q5: Are you able to get pregnant by oral intercourse?

A: No

There is not any fact on this one, however in the event you do swallow, there’s a danger of contracting STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes.

The NHS recommends utilizing a condom or an oral dam over the feminine genitals to remain protected.

Q6: Can I exploit clingfilm, plastic luggage, crisp packets or the rest as a substitute of a condom?

A: No

The reality about this delusion is, the NHS says, ONLY a condom prevents catching STIs.

You may get condoms FREE from group contraceptive clinics, sexual well being and genitourinary drugs (GUM) clinics and a few younger individuals providers.

They can be purchased from outlets and pharmacies.

Your condoms ought to have the CE mark on them, which suggests they have been examined to European security requirements

Q7: Will a boy’s testicles explode if he would not have intercourse?

A: No

The NHS factors out that males and boys produce sperm on a regular basis, and if they do not ejaculate, it is merely absorbed into their our bodies.

Ejaculation might be achieved by masturbation or having a moist dream.

Q8: Can condoms be re-used?

A: No

Which means, not even in the event you wash it out or clear it.

One thing else to remember is that condoms should be modified after 30 minutes of intercourse, as a result of friction can weaken the condom, making it extra prone to break or fail.

Q9: Will I get signs if I get an STI?

A: No

Or at the very least, not at all times. Some signs MAY embody ache when urinating and discharge. Nonetheless the NHS factors out “Many individuals do not discover indicators of an infection, so you will not at all times know in the event you’re contaminated.

“You may’t inform by somebody whether or not they’ve bought an STI.

“In case you’re apprehensive that you’ve got caught an STI, go to your GP or native sexual well being clinic. Test-ups and exams for STIs are free and confidential, together with for under-16s.”

In case you’re apprehensive you might have an STI, you might be examined without cost and confidentially, in addition to getting contraceptive recommendation

Q10: Can I get an STI if I’ve intercourse with one other girl?

A: Sure

This is not true. In response to the NHS “If a lady has an STI and has intercourse with one other girl, the an infection might be handed on by vaginal fluid (together with fluid on shared intercourse toys), blood or shut physique contact.

“At all times use condoms on shared intercourse toys, and use dams to cowl the genitals throughout oral intercourse.”

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