Who Was Cain’s Spouse & What Does the Bible Say about Her?


The Bible doesn’t present the title of Cain’s spouse. Neither does it present another details about her. The one reference to her existence is present in Genesis four:17 —

Cain had relations along with his spouse and she or he conceived, and gave start to Enoch.

The id of Cain’s spouse is a type of persistent questions which are posed by folks in the present day once they research the early chapters of Genesis. As indicated, these early chapters don’t assist us. What they do present as an alternative is patriarchal information on antediluvian life and the story of the primary homicide that was ever dedicated.

Cain’s Spouse Was the First Spouse, within the World.

Ladies existed throughout this era—in any case, little kids have been conceived with the patriarchs—however their function was in any other case not traditionally recognized. The explanation why we ask extra questions on Cain’s spouse than, about say, the wives of Kenan, or Jared, or Methuselah is as a result of Cain’s spouse was the primary spouse within the fallen world.

In fact, there was one earlier spouse than Cain’s spouse, however that earlier spouse’s nature was totally different than an unusual human spouse’s nature. That earlier spouse was created from a rib of her husband whereas he slept. God crafted her to be a helpful helper to her husband, Adam, and she or he in all probability did assist him—of their innocence, whereas the 2 lived collectively within the Backyard of Eden. Finally, although, she succumbed to one thing that was not useful. She was persuaded into sin by Devil—who approached her within the guise of a serpent—after which she tempted Adam into sin, too and he additionally sinned.

Cain Was Created In another way

After their Fall and their expulsion from Eden, Adam named his spouse Eve, “because she was the mother of all the living” (Genesis three:20). Then, dwelling exterior the Backyard, they turn into “one flesh” once more. Actually, they’d been one flesh earlier than. Now, they grew to become one flesh once more, within the sense that “the man had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain” (Genesis four:1). The primary human on earth—Adam—had been immediately created by God; the second human had been created miraculously from a rib of that first human. After that, although, all new people have been created by sexual activity.

Cain was Adam and Eve’s first son. Subsequently, on earth, Cain was the primary little one conceived by sexual activity. Adam and Eve had a second son, Abel. Later, after Cain murdered his brother Abel, they’d a 3rd son, whom they named Seth. After Seth was born, we’re instructed in Scripture that Adam “had other sons and daughters” (Genesis 5:four) through the remaining eight hundred years of his life. In the intervening time, after Cain murdered Abel, he was expelled from his household’s land exterior Eden and despatched to be a wanderer within the land of Nod, which was east of Eden. That’s the place he had relations along with his spouse and she or he conceived and bore him a son, Enoch (see above).

Who Was Cain’s spouse?

Logically, there is just one reply, however it’s a solution which in the present day could give us a shudder. It’s nerve-wracking to conclude that Cain’s spouse will need to have been one in every of his personal sisters. His sisters have been the one females out there, aside from his mom. Eve stayed at residence with Adam, as Adam’s spouse and to conceive their different little kids. Cain went off into the land of Nod along with his sister/spouse, and so they conceived Enoch.

Wanting all the way in which again to the start of our fallen human life on earth, we should conclude that we fallen human beings started our descent via incest.

Our present injunction towards incest is not less than sensible . . . and it has existed amongst human cultures for hundreds of years. Genetic issues that construct up in household strains shouldn’t be handed alongside to infants, if doable. When each the daddy and the mom share the identical dysfunction as a result of they’re siblings, their child would possibly inherit the dysfunction and maybe undergo from it extra intensely. Within the case of Cain and his spouse, nevertheless, they have been the youngsters of Adam and Eve—who have been excellent creations of God and couldn’t have had such a factor as a genetic dysfunction. Cain and his spouse’s relationship was a wedding between brother and sister on the first era stage of people, and, subsequently, it was with none genetic hazard. However later through the patriarchal age, as an rising variety of women and men cousins grew to become out there, cousins with an rising variety of removals, then what I feel is our human basic injunction towards incest got here into play. And this notion of mine leads, finally, to the place we’re in the present day and to why the topic of incest is so objectionable to us.

What Does the Bible Say about Incest?

First, there’s a biblical mannequin for the way a younger man finds a spouse, a mannequin which precludes him discovering his lady inside his circle of relatives. In Genesis 2:24, we’re instructed “A man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” That’s, the would-be groom should depart what’s acquainted and exit to seek out the lady he’ll wed in another household and/or location.

Second, there are biblical legal guidelines that anathematize incest. For instance, Leviticus 18:9 mandates “You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister, your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, whether brought up in the family or in another home.”

Third, there are penalties of incest, even when not felt instantly. For instance, 2 Samuel 13 recounts the incestuous rape by Amnon of his half-sister Tamar. Amnon was King David’s oldest son and the brother of Absalom. Enraged at his brother, however affected person, Absalom waited for years earlier than avenging his sister’s rape by sending his servants to kill Amnon when he was feasting.

Skeptics of the innate energy of God’s revelation would possibly choose to put weight on the genetic hazard of marital consanguinity to clarify our historic and cultural aversion to incest—that’s science, they might say, in any case. However I say no. The heavier weight, in my view, is the Phrase of God. No matter makes God shudder, ought to make us shudder too.

Not all of us will, and never on a regular basis: however our souls know when one thing’s damaged.

Cain’s Spouse’s Title In response to the E book of Jubilees

Biblically, Cain’s spouse has no title. Nonetheless, there may be not less than one extra-biblical doc from the Hebrew custom which names her. The E book of Jubilees can also be known as “Lesser Genesis” and was written down someplace between 135 and 105BCE, although it’s stated to have been initially offered by an angel to Moses. Some Hebrew students contemplate this e book canonical though the bigger physique of worldwide Orthodox Jewish scholarship considers it not so, regardless of how intriguing its content material is when it comes to legend. Having famous that warning, in The E book of Jubilees we be taught that Cain’s spouse’s title was Awan (alternatively Avan or Aven) and that Awanhad a sister, named Azura. In response to this custom, Azura married Abel. The story continues that later, after Abel was murdered, Azura then married Seth. The Seth line continued down by means of the antediluvian patriarchal age to Noah and the flood. By that point, each form of wickedness had turn into so nice among the many Cain line of descent and likewise, although maybe to a lesser diploma, among the many Seth line of descent that God grew to become sorry He had made humankind within the first place. With the flood, God sought to blot everybody out, aside from that one righteous man—Noah—his spouse, their three sons, and their three daughters-in-law. God was decided to start out the inhabitants over with a person He selected.

And He did. God would proceed the family tree line by means of Noah, Abraham, David, and others till it was time to ship His Son Jesus to earth in an incarnate type of a humble child—absolutely human and absolutely divine—despatched to avoid wasting the souls of everybody who believed and would imagine in His Fact and saving energy.

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