Do You Push Your Partner’s Buttons?


Nobody desires to “walk on eggshells,” of their marriage or in any relationship for that matter. Life is just too brief and too fragile to dwell with any ongoing rivalry.

Scripture is replete with admonition on the matter: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18)

Nothing could possibly be clearer: we’re designed to dwell in peace. We’re instructed to dwell in peace with others. We’re to do all the things potential to dwell harmoniously with others in our world.

What, then are we to do when that doesn’t appear potential, as seems to be the case with the girl who wrote the next:

Pricey Dr. David.

My husband accuses me of regularly pushing his buttons! He calls it defiance! I don’t imply it in any respect! What can I do to assist him understand I’m not which means to annoy him? 



On this word the girl shares that her husband accuses her of “pushing his buttons.” Whereas we could at first be sympathetic to his issues, let’s look slightly nearer.

His accusation, in and of itself, is provocative and accusatory. Utilizing language similar to

“pushing my buttons” shouldn’t be light or particular and can be thought-about by some to even be “violent” communication. Whereas he’s actually in misery, his language for impacting change wants a lot massaging.

How may he talk his wants extra successfully so his spouse has a greater probability of assembly his wants? Listed here are some sensible steps for all of us to comply with:

First, make complaints particular. To ensure that us to totally perceive the wants and issues of others, their complaints have to be particular, even measurable. In different phrases, a grievance of “You don’t love me” or “You don’t care about me” shouldn’t be almost as useful as “You haven’t kept your promise to take me out on a date once per week.” So, when making a grievance, make it particular. When receiving a criticism, ask for particular examples, free from judgment or basic hypothesis.

Second, share particular complaints gently. It’s so a lot simpler to listen to a grievance that’s shared in love and with gentleness. Sharing data with a mate out of a coronary heart of compassion is often obtained far more readily. A delicate, mushy supply will usually be met with an open, receptive coronary heart.

Third, share emotions related to the grievance. We reply far more successfully when emotions are shared. The gents who felt that his spouse was deliberately “pushing his buttons” may as a substitute say, “I feel threatened when you (name specific behavior).”

Fourth, make particular, optimistic requests. A selected grievance, layered with emotions could be successfully adopted with a selected, optimistic request. Once more, the gentleman above may say, “It would mean the world to me if you would share your concerns with me one at a time. I feel overwhelmed when you share more than one issue at a time. I want to collect my thoughts and respond to you.” Requests which can be particular, layered with emotions, are a lot simpler to grasp and caringly reply to.

Lastly, reply to the precise request. Lastly, after asking for particular suggestions, make a beneficiant and particular response. Search to satisfy the necessity that was talked about. Even when your mate struggles to comply with this recipe, encourage them to attempt after which search to satisfy the necessity that has been shared.

In abstract, receiving and providing criticism shouldn’t be straightforward to do. Nevertheless, each relationship may have struggles at occasions and points that have to be addressed. Use the above recipe for coping with them and tell us how this labored for you. We at The Marriage Restoration Middle are ready to stroll with you thru any challenges. Please be at liberty to contact me at or e-mail us at

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