Christmas Bible Trivia – Vacation IQ Quiz

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How nicely have you learnt the Christmas story?

Most of us know the final define as a result of we’ve heard or sung it or watched it being enacted within the Christmas packages that the majority church buildings supply throughout December. We all know concerning the shepherds, the angels, the “Wise Men,” the star, the innkeeper, the lengthy journey of Mary and Joseph, the infant within the manger, and we all know concerning the gold, frankincense and myrrh. However how a lot of what we all know is custom and the way a lot comes from the Bible?

For the final a number of years David Langerfeld, affiliate pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo, has given a Christmas IQ check to his Sunday Faculty class. I ought to warn you that this can be a powerful quiz. After I took it, I missed a number of questions. Attempt taking it first with out checking the Bible to see how nicely you understand the actual Christmas story.

Scroll to the tip to learn the solutions (together with just a few extra feedback from me).

1. Joseph was initially from… (Luke 2:three)
    A. Bethlehem
    B. Nazareth
    C. Hebron
    D. Jerusalem 
    E. Not one of the above

2. What does the Bible say that the innkeeper mentioned to Mary and Joseph? (Luke 2:7)
    A. “There is no room in the inn.”
    B. “I have a stable you can use.”
    C. “Come back later and I should have some vacancies.”
    D. Each A and B
    E. Not one of the above

three. A manger is a…
    A. Steady for home animals
    B. Wood hay storage bin
    C. Feeding trough
    D. Barn

four. Which animals does the Bible say have been current at Jesus’ beginning?
    A. Cows, sheep, goats
    B. Cows, donkeys, goats
    C. Sheep and goats solely
    D. Miscellaneous barnyard animals
    E. Not one of the above

5. Who noticed the star within the east?
    A. Shepherds
    B. Mary and Joseph
    C. Three kings
    D. Each A and C
    E. Not one of the above

6. Based on the Bible, how did Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem?
    A. Camel
    B. Donkey
    C. Walked
    D. Joseph walked, Mary rode a donkey
    E. Horse-drawn chariot
    F. Who is aware of?

7. What number of angels spoke to the shepherds? (Luke 2:10)
    A. One
    B. Three
    C. Multitude
    D. Not one of the above

eight. What did the angels say/sing? (Luke 2:14)
    A. “Glory to God in the highest, etc.”
    B. “Alleluia”
    C. “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”
    D. “Joy the world, the Lord is come”
    E. “Glory to the newborn King”

9. What’s a heavenly host?
    A. The angel on the gate of heaven
    B. The angel who serves refreshments in heaven
    C. An angel choir
    D. An angel military
    E. Not one of the above

10. There was snow that first Christmas…
    A. Solely in Bethlehem
    B. Throughout Israel
    C. Nowhere in Israel
    D. Someplace in Israel

11. What’s frankincense?
    A. A treasured metallic
    B. A treasured cloth
    C. A treasured fragrance
    D. Not one of the above

12. In Matthew, what does “wise men” or “Magi” confer with?
    A. Males of the educated class
    B. Jap kings
    C. Males who studied the celebrities
    D. Sages

13. What’s myrrh?
    A. Center Jap cash
    B. A drink
    C. An simply formed metallic
    D. A spice used for burying individuals
    E. Not one of the above

14. What number of clever males got here to see Jesus?
   A. three
   B. 6
   C. 9
   D. 12
   E. We don’t know.

15. The place did the clever males discover Jesus? (Matthew 2:11)
    A. In a manger
    B. In a steady
    C. In Nazareth
    D. In Saudi Arabia
    E. In a home
    F. Not one of the above

16. When the clever males discovered Jesus he was… (Matthew 2:11)
    A. A babe wrapped in swaddling garments
    B. A younger little one
    C. A boy within the temple
    D. A grown man

17. The “star in the east” that the clever males adopted… (Matthew 2:9)
    A. Stayed in the identical place their whole journey
    B. Disappeared and reappeared
    C. Moved forward of them and stopped over the place the place Jesus was
    D. Was only a mirage
    E. Not one of the above

18. The clever males stopped in Jerusalem… (Matthew 2:2)
    A. To tell Herod about Jesus
    B. To seek out out the place Jesus was
    C. To ask concerning the star
    D. To purchase presents
    E. Not one of the above

19. The place do we discover the Christmas story?
    A. Matthew
    B. Mark
    C. Luke
    D. John
    E. The entire above
    F. Solely A and B
    G. Solely A and C
    H. Solely A, B and C

20. When Joseph discovered Mary was pregnant, what occurred?
    A. They received married
    B. Joseph wished to interrupt the engagement
    C. Mary left city for 3 months
    D. A and B
    E. B and C

21. Who advised (made) Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem? (Luke 2:1-5)
    A. The angel refrain
    B. Mary’s mom
    C. Herod
    D. The shepherds
    E. Caesar Augustus

Solutions are under. Your feedback are all the time welcome. 

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Listed below are the solutions to David Langerfeld’s Christmas IQ Quiz. I’ve added my feedback to a couple solutions.

1. A. He labored and lived in Nazareth, however he was returning to Bethlehem – “his own city” (See Luke 2:three).

2. E. The innkeeper didn’t “say” something (See Luke 2:7). The Bible doesn’t even point out an “innkeeper” as a result of the “inn” was in all probability extra like a visitor room in a home.

three. C. Feeding trough – Curiously sufficient, most mangers in New Testomony instances have been manufactured from stone. Should you go to Israel at the moment, you possibly can see stone mangers utilized by Solomon to feed his horses at Megiddo.

four. E. The Bible doesn’t say, we simply assume that since Jesus was born in a steady that there have been varied barnyard animals current. That is actually a double assumption as a result of the Bible doesn’t point out a barn or a steady. Nonetheless, the feeding trough was utilized by animals so a steady or barn adjoining a house can be an inexpensive inference.

5. E. This can be a “trick” query. The “magi” noticed the star. Nonetheless, the Bible doesn’t say what number of there have been and so they weren’t kings, however astronomers (see reply 14).

6. F. Though the trendy “pictures” in my Youngsters’s Bible present Mary on a donkey with Joseph beside her, the Bible doesn’t say!

7. A. Luke 2:10. A semi-trick query as a result of verses 13-14 file what the angel firm mentioned as they praised God collectively. Nonetheless, just one angel spoke on to the shepherds.

eight. A. Luke 2:14.

9. D. The phrase means “army” – actually hundreds. Now, since there was a “multitude” of the heavenly military” (hosts), there may simply have been from 10,000 – 100,000 angels there that night time! No surprise the shepherds have been “sore afraid”! I missed this one after I took the quiz as a result of I believed the phrase “host” referred solely to a big multitude, however D is appropriate. It refers to a heavenly military of angels.

10. D. One other trick query. There’s all the time snow on Mt. Hermon. I believed this was an excellent query that I missed after I took the quiz.

11. C. Frankincense was used within the temple worship of the Lord. It represents his deity as a result of he’s really God born in human flesh.

12. C. The phrase “Magi” actually means “star-gazers”. Though there isn’t a Biblical file of precisely who they have been or their level of origin, I personally imagine that they have been descendants of the “wise men” of Babylon. I imagine that God, in His nice windfall, used Daniel (whereas he was in captivity in Babylon), to show these males about future occasions – together with the beginning of the Savior of the world. Learn Daniel 5:11 – Daniel was put in control of these males! David selected “C. Men who studied the stars” in order that’s the reply we’re going with. However A or D would work additionally. Who have been the magi? They have been the professors and philosophers of their day. They have been skilled in historical past, faith, prophecy and astronomy. They have been additionally skilled in what we’d name astrology
13. D. Herod was buried with over 150 lbs. of Myrrh wrapped in his burial garments. Myrrh was utilized in embalming in these days. John 19:39 tells us that Jesus’ physique was certain in linen wrappings together with 75 kilos of myrrh and aloes.  The present of myrrh photos his struggling and loss of life.
14. E. We don’t know. They have been magi, not clever males – however the Bible doesn’t give the quantity. Many individuals assume that there have been three due to the three items. Nonetheless, in historic instances these males often traveled in caravans of ten to 12, together with a full entourage for defense.

15. E. Learn Matthew 2:11 (see subsequent reply)

16. B. Learn Matthew 2:11 When the Shepherds discovered Jesus (Luke 2), he was a “babe” in a manger. The Greek phrase utilized in Luke 2 is for a “newborn baby”. Nonetheless, by the point the Magi appeared, Jesus had been moved from the manger to a home (verse 11) and the Greek phrase utilized in Matthew is for “toddler or young child”. He was in all probability someplace between 12-24 months previous. David is completely appropriate on this level. In a lot of our Christmas packages, we convey the magi and the shepherds to worship Jesus collectively on the manger. Good thought and it makes for a lovely scene, but it surely didn’t occur that manner. The shepherds have been there the night time Jesus was born. The magi got here months later.

17. C. Learn Matthew 2:9 Most individuals miss this query. The star didn’t keep stationary over the manger or the home. This verse makes it clear that the star moved “in front” of the magi and guided them until it “stood over where the young child was.” I missed this one as a result of I selected “B. The star disappeared and reappeared.” I believe you possibly can infer that from Matthew 2:9, which may be learn to say that they noticed the star within the east, knew from prior research that the infant was to be born in Bethlehem, and made the journey throughout the desert. After which the star reappeared after they journeyed to Bethlehem. That’s a attainable studying of the textual content. However “A. Stayed in the same place” is clearly incorrect. So right here’s the deal. We’re going with C. as a result of that’s what the quiz says. B. is feasible however you get no credit score, solely my sympathy for lacking it with me.

18. B. Learn Matthew 2:2. They assumed Herod would know. I discover it fascinating that though the scribes knew precisely the place the Messiah was to be born (in response to Micah 5:2), they weren’t sufficient to journey the 4 or 5 miles to Bethlehem to see for themselves. (A number of commenters be aware that the Magi wouldn’t have recognized Jesus’ title. Very true, which is a part of what makes this quiz difficult–and a lot enjoyable. They have been on the lookout for the one born “King of the Jews.” They’d have discovered later that his title was Jesus. However that apart, B continues to be the one attainable reply.)

19. G. Isn’t it superb how God divinely impressed these two gospel writers to write down His actual phrases, however he used their pursuits and professions to recall completely different features of Jesus’ beginning. Matthew, a tax collector, information the family tree of Jesus (used for taxation) and the “magi” – males of means from a overseas nation. Luke, a doctor, information the being pregnant and beginning.

20. E. Joseph desires to “put her away” secretly and Mary left city to see her cousin. Matthew 1:19 and Luke 1:39, 56 The phrasing right here is ambiguous. This query is de facto asking what occurred first as a result of A, B and C all occurred ultimately. D can be appropriate for those who reversed the order. The proper order might be C, B, A. David’s reply is E in order that’s what I’m going with, however for those who favor C, that works too.

21. E. “There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus… everybody into his personal metropolis… “ (Luke 2:1-5). This can be a difficult query as a result of Caesar Augustus by no means met Mary and Joseph and virtually definitely by no means even heard of them. He “made” them return to Bethlehem solely within the sense that he gave the order for the census, forcing Joseph and Mary to make the troublesome journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem within the latter levels of Mary’s being pregnant.


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