Counterclockwise: telephones placing on weight by way of the years


Telephones have been getting heavier. And no, it’s not as a result of they’ve been getting “larger” – display measurement actually went up, however thickness went down. The typical quantity of the 50 hottest telephones has been fairly secure since round 2006. In the event you keep in mind your physics classes from faculty, you’ll know which means density went up.

We expect that the elevated use of steel and glass induced this. Each are heavier than the plastic that was used within the early days. It’s not simply that they’re heavier, they should be thick too.

Counterclockwise: putting on weight and slimming down

Plastic (because the identify suggests) bends simply however rapidly returns again to its unique form. Metallic bends completely, particularly round weak spots the place the keys and ports go. So steel must be thick to maintain it from bending.

Round 2014 and 2015 we had a string of “bendgate” victims – together with high-profile telephones just like the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6. The bigger the display, the better to bend – it really works like a lever (once more with the physics).

And screens have been getting bigger. Plus, the current pattern of 18:9 (and wider) makes telephones even longer. We’re not saying that is the one cause telephones are getting heavier, however it’s a significant component.

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