A Complete Guide on How to Make Money Online


This book lists numerous ways in which users can earn money online. It is divided into three parts. In the first part various methods to earn money via Facebook are given, in the second part earning money through YouTube is explained and in the last part earning money from Umugenzi is explained.

These three are very popular sites and most of people know how to use them already. But still they can use this book to their benefit and start making more money from Facebook, Umugenzi, and YouTube too.

Umugenzi is an upcoming project that promises to be of great value as it combines the functionalities provided by Facebook, YouTube and blogging. So it is a great place to start making money online.

This book is for everyone, from students, professionals, laymen, etc. It will help you a lot in starting up to earn online and increase your income.

This book was first published in 2014 on Amazon by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva in English. The following year, other publications of this book followed in French and Spanish and were listed in various bookstores online.

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