3 ways to date your spouse


Spouses who keep dating often have less satisfying marriages.

  • Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t date your spouse anymore. There are tons of reasons your dating relationships should carry into your marriage relationships. Make time for more fun and excitement in your day-to-day lives (and add a little romance) by doing these three things:1. Go out
  • Surprise! To date your spouse, you need to … go on dates. But not just any dates – your dinner at the typical restaurant followed by a movie (or whatever your regular date night is) just won’t cut it. Give some brand new date night ideas a try, or even better, replicate some fun dates the two of you went on years ago when you were in the beginning stages of your relationship.
  • In addition to ditching the normal dating routine rut you’ve probably fallen into, you should also go on dates more often. Shoot for at least once a week, and if you’re already doing that, try going out at less conventional times too, like a weeknight or Saturday morning.2. Stop the nagging and up the kindness
  • The sad reality is, the people you know and love the most are often the ones you’re the least kind to. I remember my mom getting after me when I was little for saying something rude to my brother, and she asked me if I would ever have said that to a classmate at school. I shook my head no, because I wasn’t close enough to my classmates to feel comfortable telling them off.
  • Sometimes we treat our spouses like our siblings when we should be treating them like our classmates. After living together and just knowing each other for so long, it’s easier to let the nagging come more and more often and tempers are lost easier. Focus on honing in the mindset you had back in the good old dating days when you were kinder and more polite to each other.3. Flirt it up
  • Hit on your sweetheart again. Your flirting game probably started off strong in the beginning but slowly went downhill over time. Reignite that flirty attitude and always be on the lookout for ways to wink, touch, sweetly tease and make each other laugh.


  • Compliments and flattering words are another great way to keep your flirting game strong. Tell him or her you love the way they look tonight, or tell them you’re impressed by their strength or intellect. Even a random “You know what, honey? You make me so happy” in the middle of whatever you’re doing can make their day. There’s never a wrong time to give your spouse a compliment.
  • You might not get those butterflies in your stomach whenever you see each other anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep dating. A
  • Just tweak your mindset and incorporate some of cute things the two of you shared back in the early stages. If you do, the two of you will always be crazy in love.
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