How to Get Better Skin in 3 Days


Give your eyes a depuffing massage
Even if the rest of your face is in pretty good shape, chances are you haven’t escaped the occasional (or constant) curse of under-eye bags. That’s because they’re part of our genetic heritage, says Dr. Rivera, and virtually everything—stress, soy sauce, allergies, all-nighters—manages to send them into a tizzy. If you’re prone to waking up a little puffy, try a caffeine-spiked eye cream to help minimize swelling and constrict blood vessels. (Bonus points if it has a cooling metal tip like L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment.) For big-time bags, double down on DIY acupressure massage. “Working on the pressure points is great for immediate benefits in circulation, decreased puffiness, and draining of excess fluids,” says Goldstein. To do it, place your thumb between your eyebrows and massage for 10 seconds. Then starting at the inner corners of the eyes, use your ring fingers to lightly trace a circle over the brows, around the orbital bones, and underneath the eyes; repeat two or three times.


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