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Today we will come back to the decision of Nigerian President Mahamadou Issoufou not to run for a third term. We will also publish the second episode of the series Abidjan underground, written by Ghalia Kadiri who plunges us into the shallows of the Ivorian capital. Today, our journalist presents us Nour, a Moroccan prostitute who has sold her charms since the age of 16.

We will also return to the city-dead day in the DRC and the visit of Egyptian President Al Sissi In the United States, where Donald Trump offers him a very cordial welcome.


– An investigation by Marie Bourreau, World correspondent in New York, on the maintenance of the Monusco mission Of the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). One of the oldest and most costly UN operations, operating at an annual budget of $ 1.2 billion (€ 1.1 billion), was to pay the price of the “America First” policy Of President Donald Trump. It finally escaped the purge but the negotiations were “arduous” agreed the French representative to the UN, François Delattre, who underwent several weeks of pressure from the Americans, who wanted to make the Monusco An example.

– the first report of our series Abidjan underground. Written by Ghalia Kadiri, this series in six episodes plunges us into the shallows of the Ivorian capital, away from the spectacular economic rebound and the policy of major works carried out by the authorities who would make to forget the delinquency and the organized crime. This first episode takes us to Souad, the high place of Moroccan prostitution in Côte d’Ivoire.

– A portrait of King Ayisoba, famous kologo player (a traditional two-stringed lute of which he is the undisputed king in Ghana). In this beautiful tribute, written by Patrick Labesse, we learn in particular that King Ayisola learned to play his instrument before even knowing how to walk (content reserved for subscribers)


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