5 ways to celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny

Many of us have wonderful memories of Easter morning, which includes baskets filled with chocolate, egg hunt and new dresses for the church. Those traditions are fun and can create good memories. But what about the real event we are celebrating? Do our children know why we have a day called Easter?

Here are 5 ways to celebrate in a whole new way; 5 ways to make meaningful memories – without even a mention of the Easter Rabbit.

1. Tell the rest of the story.

Have you ever wondered why we did not approach Easter in the same way we prepared for Christmas? Most of us have two weeks out of school, we travel to see the family, decorate our homes and buy gifts.

Easter gets one day, with a sugar overload and fridge filled with multicolored eggs!

Now, I admit, part of me is glad I did not make this party such a costly and elaborate affair, but the other part of me is sad that we overlooked it so quickly; Let us not delay long enough for the fact that “ Jesus is risen” to become an amazing celebration.

This Easter, count the rest of the Christmas story. Yes, Jesus was born in Bethlehem and placed in a manger. Shepherds and angels were there to witness it. Wise men visited him and brought precious gifts. But Jesus did not remain like a baby! He grew to preach the Good News to all who would listen. Then, He gave us the ultimate gift of Himself in our place, so that we have the opportunity to live with Him forever.

Easter is truly the happy ending to Christmas history! Let’s make that connection for our children.

2. Take a walk at dawn

My family is blessed to live in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain, where hiking trails are just minutes away. Many churches in the area walk to the top of the trails, holding Sunrise Services simple and intimate.

Even if you do not live near the trails, and your church does not have an Easter Sunrise service, you can easily have your own-in the backyard! Set the alarm, package everyone, fill a thermos with hot chocolate, and have a simple family devotion as the sun comes out

(I have the feeling that your children will remember it long after the last piece of chocolate is eaten.)

3. New plant of life.

With Easer being all about life and resurrection, a trip to the Garden Nursery would be a unique way to celebrate. Each member of the family can choose a perennial to care for until the soil is ready to plant it outside. Then, year after year, the plants will sprout and grow after the end of the long winter season.

How beautiful, symbolic, how to represent the death and resurrection of Christ!

4. Build a diorama.

Creating a diorama of the Easter scene would be a great project and a way to celebrate all week. Each person could build their own, using a shoe box, or a more elaborate diorama could be built collectively.

> Choose a sturdy box, preferably with a lid attached.
> Open it so that the lid becomes the bottom and the inside of the base box.
> Cover with construction paper, felt or other materials. (Green for the grass, blue for the sky, etc.)
> Use earth-colored clay to form a tomb and stone that is pulled.
> Form a wooden cross with sticks.
> Add flowers, trees and other details to your diorama. Be creative!

This art can be a powerful visual for children, emphasizing the details of the true Easter story.

5. Send a “thank you” balloon.

Many dollar stores sell helium balloons. Buy them the evening before Easter. Then, early the next morning they have a send-off balloon. Attach thank you notes, thanking Jesus for His sacrifice on the cross. Younger children can draw. Tie them to the balloons and send them together.

* This activity would be a great way to start your Dawn Family service. I could continue in a time of family prayer and devotion.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with the fun activities planned around Easter. These egg hunts and candy baskets are things that bring anticipation and excitement. But if you want to emphasize the true meaning of Easter Sunday, and build memories that will last, try to give one of these ideas … Easter bunnies are not allowed.

Jennifer Waddle is best known for the words of encouragement as an author, speaker and musician for the Women’s Ministry. He currently has three books published on Amazon and is a regular contributor to WomensMinistryTools.com and GotQuestions.org. Jennifer is committed to sharing authentic messages of hope for women from all walks of life. She loves being a 24-year-old wife, mother of four, and a two-year-old. Most of all, she appreciates her time spent in the Word of God, with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. Contact Jennifer here:

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